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What’s your story?

Scribble 1

How is 2016 going for you?

What stories have you told? Heard? Read?

Maybe you’re the central character of someone else’s story?

Or, maybe you are waiting for the opportunity to tell your story?

Now is the time to start…Creativity is the answer to procrastination.

Take out a pen or pencil and just scribble.

There’s something very therapeutic about feeling the touch of a ink pen or soft lead pencil dancing on paper.

Writing for me is a tactile experience. Often original ideas generate when I start to type or play with large pieces of paper and markers.

Scribble 4My writing starts from a few scribbles, random thoughts, observations, words I hear on a tram on my way to wherever I’m going. It might be just a doodle, that later turns into an idea, or a starting point for dialogue, a play, or a poem. Typing and scribbling warms up my writer’s hand, and words tumble out on to the page even before they are thoughts. It’s an automatic process, subconscious, and difficult to explain. The words come from somewhere else. The most insightful pieces have written themselves, with very little effort. Writing ‘subconsciously’ is a very different experience to constructing an essay, exposition, or plot. I feel relaxed when I write subconsciously – like a breath of fresh air enters and I feel calm. Like watching the ocean on a beautiful day or walking along the beach and inhaling the sea air, there is no effort and no interruption.

And then there’s perspective…

how you view the story, or a certain part of the story

…and the full story.

What type of writer are you?

Throw out the rule book.

Just scribble, and see what happens.

I dare you!

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