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Please confirm your humanity

Have you seen the film ‘Arrival‘?

I saw it the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination and the launch of the film ‘Jackie’.

‘Arrival’ opens with the ‘news of the world’ – China, Russia and America. Sadly prophetic. A linguist is sent to unravel the mystery of the arrival of Unidentified Foreign Objects (UFO’s) and decipher their message to the world.

Sometimes I wish a UFO would arrive and give Earth some advice.

Over the past year, we have seen murder, death, demolition, destruction and devastation to humanity and our planet through war, greed, abuse of resources, political and religious entanglements and the rise of narcissism and psychopathy.

The natural and human made world are in conflict at the micro, macro and Nano levels.

There are great divides, divorces, combatants, with polar opposites created.

We live in a state of mental illness – depression, rage, anger, mania, paranoia, fear, anxiety, with fundamentalist black and white beliefs to apathy, tiredness, lethargy, illness and self destruction. We are sick – very, very sick – spiritually, physically, emotionally, as individuals, communities and nations rise against each other for reasons never quite clear.

And we are outraged…

How does this make us human?

How do we confirm humanity?

Whenever I subscribe to a website, or blog I get asked this very question:








Am I human?

Each day I am quantified, measured and valued.

My waist, my breath, my blood, my life.

Inputs and outputs

KPI’s and milestones

Calories and excrement

Weighed against the fittest of the pack

Survival or existence

Clawing at dirt

Begging not to be buried

I am dispensable and replaceable

Even sales worthy

My organs are someone’s migration visa

Or drug deal

Or cure

I am but bones, dust and offal

With mounting debt and material burdens


Did I subscribe to this existence?

Sometimes, I am not so sure.

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