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Director’s notes 6 – Why PUMP Theatre?

In Australia there is an ongoing war between the value of sport and the value of the arts. So I wanted to create an identity that kind of blended both sport and theatre. Theatre training is like going to the gym in some respects – it can build our physical agility, emotional capacity, and ability to perform under pressure. Of course my main reason for using “PUMP” is because I want to make work that is from people’s hearts and for people’s hearts.

The heart is the “PUMP” of our bodies, it is essential to keeping us alive, and without it things start to break down. Our tag line “Bringing Communities to Life” puts us in the position of a ‘defibrillator’ – keeping the hearts of our communities alive by talking about issues that matter to them. We keep the circulation going through the conversation that comes from performing stories about real issues that affect us. Some issues are really hard to talk about, or are ‘ghettoed’ to the sidelines, to the people that are directly affected. PUMP Theatre is about bringing the more difficult issues out into the open, removing the “fear” of the issue, and allowing the audience to take a moment and examine the issue from many different perspectives.

For this reason you will see that the “U” in PUMP Theatre has a heart. You are part of what we do, and we do not exist without you the community. We want to provide a place for open heart surgery, broken hearts, healthy hearts, hearts that have stopped or given up as they are overworked, and for hearts that have been forgotten.

How is your heart going today?

Take a moment today to find and listen to your heart beat.


Director, PUMP Theatre

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