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Director’s notes 5 – Why domestic violence?

People often ask me why I have chosen domestic violence as my area of interest. They also ask me if SNUG|VENT is my story retold. I get annoyed by this question for several reasons:

1) not every writer writes about their own experience, I would prefer that someone else wrote about me;
2) this is not my personal story;
3) the content is based on many different relationships I have observed whether from my inner circle or far beyond.

The two consecutive very violent murders of two young women in Melbourne in 2012 really struck me. Although the murders were not directly a result of ‘domestic violence’, I had been thinking about the topic for some time and these cases provided a “tipping point” or opened up my writer’s channel and the work just flowed out. Since then I have attended the White Ribbon International Conference in Sydney in 2013, and met the many people that work in this area – social workers, leaders of the defence force, community groups, women’s shelters, police, psychologists etc. – and had great conversations with them whilst listening to the research and the issues. There are many people doing great work in Australia – but they need our support to continue their work and to bring this issue out of the closet.

Enough said on that

If you’re interested check out www.whiteribbon.com.au

I am also a great fan of Eve Ensler’s work – The Vagina Monologues and all her new works and campaigns like V-Day.
She is amazing – and I think there is a severe lack of exposure to her work amongst our young women, and that needs to change.

We need to be talking openly with our brothers, partners, sisters, mother’s, fathers and workmates about this issue.

Until tomorrow


Director, PUMP Theatre

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