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Director’s notes 2 – SNUG|VENT

Good morning
Here are my director’s notes continued…..
Like mice in a cage awaiting scientific experimentation, a hierarchy of needs and roles are formed in the fight for survival (SNUG)
True healing cannot come from broken and fractured beings helping other broken and fractured beings (even though the shared experience promotes mutual understanding, validation and support). Picking up the pieces, putting on band aids and cleaning up the mess is only the beginning of a true regenerative process.
We have to be prepared to sit with open wounds and examine the best treatment for each case to avoid reinfection and to prevent psychological gangrene and emotional amputees.
Our hearts and minds need to be open and willing to misunderstand, to make mistakes, to say sorry, to love even when it hurts and to take emotional risks in empathy for those who are in the ‘cycle’ and cannot see the possibility for freedom. 

Thinking points

What are the possible consequences arising from experiencing violence? (SNUG)
What would Rosa’s life be like if she didn’t marry Dan? (VENT)
What alternatives could be offered to Rosa and Dan to turn around their conflict? (VENT)
What is the emotional cost of fear? (SNUG|VENT)
Until tomorrow, take care xo
Director, PUMP Theatre
Bringing Communities to Life

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