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What’s your story?

How is 2016 going for you? What stories have you told? Heard? Read? Maybe you’re the central character of someone else’s story? Or, maybe you are waiting for the opportunity to tell your story? Now is the time to start…Creativity is the answer to procrastination. Take out a pen or pencil and just scribble. There’s... Read More

Please confirm your humanity

Have you seen the film ‘Arrival‘? I saw it the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination and the launch of the film ‘Jackie’. ‘Arrival’ opens with the ‘news of the world’ – China, Russia and America. Sadly prophetic. A linguist is sent to unravel the mystery of the arrival of... Read More

Replacement therapy

On first meeting HE said to HER: “Have you always had short hair? Most of my girlfriends have had long hair. It’s a thing of mine”. Part of the grieving process is trying to replace what you have lost. Some people rush out and buy a new dog when their former loyal friend dies. Some... Read More


Happy V-Day Eve! Tomorrow PUMP Theatre performs VENT for Soroptimists International with an audience forum about love and violence. These are a group of women leaders who are professionals and in their ‘spare’ time do lots of great works to support to empower women to have better lives. I will be younger than most of... Read More