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Boyd Community Hub

Boyd Community Hub Melbourne

Weslo Guide Adelaide Fringe - Pump Theatre

Featured in at Adelaide Fringe “The Weslo Guide” at Holden Street Theatres Hindmarsh 2014.”

PUMP Theatre is a grassroots independent theatre company based in Melbourne that brings communities to life by creating dialogue about social issues. Currently, PUMP Theatre creates simple, shoe-string theatre that explores domestic violence in our community and uses theatre as a tool for activism and social change. The heart is the “PUMP” of our bodies, it is essential to keep us alive, and without it things start to break down. Our mission ‘Bringing Communities to Life’ puts us in the position of a defibrillator – keeping the ‘hearts’ of our communities through theatre and dialogue about issues that affect us.

SNUG & VENT were written in response to the violent murders of Jill Meagher and Sarah Cafferkey in Victoria. These crimes provoked an outcry from the community about the need for women to feel safe and protected. What is the culture of violence? How can we sense the signs and intervene? Is it Australian to be aggressive and violent? How can we empower each to change this situation? What is our responsibility as a community?

SNUG – an exploration of feeling safe

Are you safe?
Feel like you are on a tightrope?
Walking on eggshells?
Are butterflies raging in your stomach?
We live in uncertain times, and first world problems are on the increase – fear, violence, illness, dis-ease, decay, genetic alteration, toxicity, confusion, and paranoia. It is a war that wages within the walls of the psyche.
Or does it?

VENT – a play about finding space

Rosa and Dan are a young married couple who live in the suburbs with their daughter Bella. Bella considers her future in light of her parents disintegrating relationship. Can Bella break the cycle?